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To preserve the memory of the 490 people who died as result of the fire at the Cocoanut Grove Nightclub, to honor the brave first responders and citizens who rescued those trapped inside,
and to recognize the breakthrough innovations in medicine and building safety.


     On November 28th 1942, the Cocoanut Grove Nightclub fire took the lives of 490 people and sent over 1,000 other individuals to every major Boston metropolitan hospital. At the time, it was the worst loss of life in the United States since the attack on Pearl Harbor and today is still the second deadliest fire in American history.

     As a result of the fire's magnitude and the investigations that followed, the Cocoanut Grove has been responsible for life saving medical advances in burn treatment, overhauled building codes, and improved fire safety regulations that have saved countless lives over the last 75 years.

     There is, however, no appropriate memorial in New England to honor those 492 victims, nor the first responders of the

worst tragedy in the history of the City of Boston. 

     The Cocoanut Grove Memorial Committee, a registered

501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, was established in 2015 to help Boston recognize this historic event, allow future generations to learn, and to help those currently in need.

     Our objective is to create a memorial that preserves and honors the memory of the victims, survivors, first responders and medical professionals. 

     All involved in the committee are volunteers and we hope you will help us create a lasting tribute to the victims that perished and commemorate this tragedy.

Please join us in raising a

"Phoenix out of the Ashes"


Meet the last three known survivors of

the Cocoanut Grove Fire. Click here.



Memorial Groundbreaking

Please join us for the 81st anniversary of the Cocoanut Grove Fire and ground breaking ceremony on Sunday, November 26, 2023 at 1 PM at Statler Park on Stuart Street across from the Revere Hotel.


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